Woodpeckers India Pvt Ltd vs Raj Arora on 11 October, 2021

1. The suit [CS(COMM) 330/2021] has been filed by the plaintiff
against the defendant for recovery of Rs.2,27,93,523.76/- along with
interest. The case, as set up by the plaintiff, is that the parties were having
business transactions in plywood, wood, laminates, etc.. The defendant
had been purchasing these semi-furnished goods from the plaintiff since
2001. A running account was being maintained and the plaintiff raised
invoices from time to time upon the defendant for the goods/materials
delivered to the defendant, who however, made only part payments. As a

CS(COMM) 330/2021 Page 1 of 7
result, a sum of Rs.2,27,93,523.76/- became the outstanding principal
amount. It is submitted that the plaintiff made several efforts to recover
the said outstanding payment from the defendant, but the defendant was
intentionally, deliberately and willfully neglecting to pay the outstanding
amount. Thus, the plaintiff was compelled to file the suit.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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