Vf Worldwide Holdings Ltd vs Ministry Of External Affairs, … on 23 November, 2021

1. The present petition has been filed seeking the following substantial
“(a) call the entire records of the subject tender / Request for
Proposal dated 18.01.2021 published on 29.01.2021 having
tender ID 2021_MEA_586356_1 from the offices of
Respondent No.1 and Respondent No.2;

W.P.(C.) No. 7980/2021 Page 1 of 27
Signature Not Verified
Digitally Signed
Signing Date:23.11.2021
(b) issue a writ in the nature of certiorari or any other
appropriate writ, order or direction thereby quashing and
setting aside the impugned communication no.
Kuw/Cons/415/09/2020 dated 04.08.2021 issued by
Respondent No.2 thereby declaring Respondent No.3 as the
successful bidder pursuant to the Request for Proposal dated

Source: Indian Kanoon

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