Nikhil Jain vs State on 4 June, 2021

2. The petitioner is in judicial custody in this case since 23.07.2020. The

complainant of this FIR is none else than petitioner’s wife. The present

petition has been filed on the ground that petitioner is innocent and the FIR

in question is an outcome of matrimonial dispute between the parties.

Bail Appln. 1668/2021 Page 1 of 9
3. The brief background of this case, as spelt out in the FIR in question,

is that the marriage of complainant with one Paras, brother of petitioner, was

solemnized on 06.12.2014. Since Paras had frequent quarrels with his

parents, he committed suicide on 22.05.2015. Thereafter, with the consent of

parents of both the sides, marriage of complainant was solemnized with

petitioner herein on 11.06.2015.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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