Mangal Singh vs State (Govt Of Nct) Delhi on 19 May, 2016

2. The prosecution case in brief is that on receipt of DD No.2A Ex.PW-
9/A at 12.50 AM on the intervening night of 7th/8th April, 2012 recorded by
ASI Resham Pal (PW-9 ), ASI Ashok Kumar (PW-12) reached the spot,
that is, B-2 Block, Suraksha Vihar, Commander Chowk where he found no
eye witness nor did he receive any information regarding the incident so he
kept the DD pending. On the same day another DD No.6A Ex.PW-11/A
recorded at 2.30 AM was received regarding admission of injured Ajay in
the DDU hospital. ASI Ashok Kumar went to DDU Hospital where he

Crl.A.Nos.1316/2015, 3/2016, 95/2016 and 198/2016 Page 2 of 12
came to know that the injured had been taken to Tilak Nagar for X-ray.
Thereafter he went to Tilak Nagar Janta X-ray where he met the injured
Ajay Kumar Sharma and recorded his statement Ex.PW-2/A.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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