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M/S Aee Engineeers And Contactors … vs Ignou Through Its Vice Chancellor on 12 January, 2022

2. Petitioner No.1 is the proprietorship firm of petitioner No.2 and is

engaged in the business of supply and maintenance of electrical jobs etc.

3. As per the averments made in the present petition, respondent

awarded the work of operation of 5 Electric Sub-Station Equipment installed

in ESS-1 2, 4,5 & 10 at IGNOU Campus, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi vide

letter for commencement No.IG/ CMD/ EE/ 2015-16/ 1552 dated

ARB.P. 1093/2021 Page 1 of 3
18.11.2015 after conveying acceptance of his quotation vide letter

No.IG/CMD/EE(E)/2015-16/1549 dated 17.11.2015. Subsequently,

Agreement No.IG/CMD/EE(E)/WO/2015-16 dated 19.11.2015 was

executed between the parties. Contract was further extended several times,

However, when petitioners raised the bills from time to time for the work

executed by it, the respondent failed to make payment. The payments

towards bills dated 23.04.2018 and 21.06.2018 are still due. ESI and PF

reimbursement towards bills dated 01.11.2017, 23.04.2018 and 21.06.2018

amounting to Rs. 63 Lakhs are also due. Petitioners requested for the release

of amount of their bills to respondent several times through various

communications including Letter dated 21.06.2018, e-mails dated

04.08.2018 as well as by letter dated 06.01.2020 to EE (E) and other

Officers to release due payments but respondents failed to make the said

payments. Thereafter, disputes arose between the parties.

Source: Indian Kanoon


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