Living Media India Limited & Anr. vs Abhishek Agarwal & Ors. on 18 November, 2021

2. Vide order dated 29.07.2021, the matter was referred to Delhi High
Court Mediation and Conciliation Centre (SAMADHAN) for making an
effort to amicably resolve their disputes.
3. This court is informed that the parties have mutually settled their
disputes and the terms of the settlement have been incorporated in
Settlement Agreement dated 06.09.2021, which is duly signed by both the
sides/parties. The aforesaid Settlement Agreement dated 06.09.2021 has
come on record.

CS(COMM) 389/2020 Page 1 of 3
4. Learned counsel for the plaintiff submits the terms of settlement are
incorporated in the aforesaid Settlement Agreement dated 06.09.2021 and
the present suit be decreed in terms thereof.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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