Government informs High Court to continue ban on Ola and Uber cab services

The delhi government is ready to inform the Delhi High Court to continue its ban on Ola and Uber cab services.

The government has opined that the ban will continue till the firms adhere to the new norms. These new norms are brought by the government by modifying the Radio Taxi Scheme 2006.

Both the cap companies had argued first before the High Court and later before the transport department on the view – point that the Motor Vehicles Act and the state transport authority rules don’t apply to them as they are application – based web platforms and not a traditional taxi providing service. Uber had also complained to the Court that they haven’t been given a fair hearing before the issuance of public notice and blacklisting.

The department still passed an order against the two companies and said that for all practical purposes they are known as a taxi – service running without valid permit/ licenses.

Besides Uber and Ola, other app – based cab services were banned to operate within Delhi, following the rape of a 27 – year old woman executive by a cab driver hired from US app – based operating services Uber, on 5 December 2014.


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