Sat. May 8th, 2021

Child Sexual Abuse by family members on rise

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Mumbai: This incidents of the rise in number of cases of child sexual abuses is on rise. This situation is alarming. Moreover, what is scaring is the fact that most of these sexual offenders are family members.

This fact is again brought to surface, when a six – year – old daughter was sexually assaulted by his 30 year old father, who is a Vashi resident.

Many psychiatrists opined that “Family is the comfort zone of such offenders. Here the trust factors play an important role”. In families, the child is relatively open and familiar with the the offender. This gives the offender immense scope to utilise this opportunity. Somehow, if the family gets to know about the sexual offence, either they mistrust the child, or instill so much shame in the child about this incident that the child end up getting silent.

Here, education, monitoring by parents and awareness can provide an atmosphere to children, which is more open, sensitive and confident in dealing with the child sexual abuse victims and offenders.

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