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Bobby Collin vs Narcotic Control Bureau & Anr. on 19 April, 2021

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2. The allegations against the petitioner, as spelt out in the complaint

filed by Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB), are that on 29.03.2015, upon

receipt of secret and reliable information that a South African national,

BAIL APPLN. 812/2021 Page 1 of 17
namely, Bobby Collins Anagor, having passport No.A02601093, is coming

to Delhi from Sao Paolo via Dubai by Emirates Airway Flight No. EK 510

and is suspected to carry narcotic drug and psychotropic substance inside his

body and might carry some drug in his baggage. Accordingly, a raiding

team was constituted, which reached the IGI Airport, Terminal-3, New

Delhi at around 08:30 a.m. Enquiries were made from IGI Airport custom

officials as well as Emirates Airways staff with regard to Flight No. EK 510

and on arrival of flight passports of all the passengers were checked.

Petitioner having passport No. A02601093 was identified and when he

reached at custom counter, the NCB team introduced themselves and the

secret information was shared with him. Thereafter, notice under Section 50

of the NDPS Act was served upon the petitioner and procedure prescribed

therein was explained to him. He was taken to the CISF room where his

baggage was physically examined but nothing incriminating was recovered


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