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Bhaskar Industries Pvt. Ltd. & … vs National Textile Corporatio Ld & … on 12 January, 2022

2. Petitioner No.1-Bhasker Industries Private Limited, petitioner No. 2-

Decent Industries Private Limited are the companies incorporated under the

provisions of Companies Act, 1956. Respondent No.1, National Textiles

Corporation is a public sector enterprise under the Ministry of Textiles

ARB.P. 1123/2021 Page 1 of 5
incorporated in the year 1968. Respondent No.2 is a Joint Venture Company

duly incorporated under the laws of India, in which petitioners and

respondent No.1 collectively hold 51% and 49% shares respectively.

3. During the course of hearing, Mr. Rajshekhar Rao, learned senior

counsel appearing on behalf of petitioner has submitted that petitioner had

entered into the following documents with respondent No.1:-

Source: Indian Kanoon


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