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Ajay @ Munna vs State on 16 June, 2017

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Crl.A.14/2016 Page 1 of 5
“The prosecution case is that ASI Ramvir lodged DD
no.5 with PS-Dwarka South, to the effect that at Power
House, Red Light, the auto driver informed that someone
tried to snatch his mobile phone and on his identification,
the culprit was apprehended and the mobile phone and knife
was recovered from his possession. The said DD was
marked to HC Rajesh, who alongwith Ct. Satish Kumar
reached the spot where complainant was present who
informed that one boy at the point of knife had snatched his
mobile phone and was apprehended by him with the help of
other auto drivers and that PCR officials had taken that boy
to the police post. Thereafter, the complainant was taken to
the police station by HC Rajesh Kumar and his statement
was recorded to the effect that on that day i.e. 10.02.2014 at
about 6.30am , he was present alongwith his auto bearing
registration no. DL-1RL-9358, opposite Power House,
Sector 2, Dwarka, New Delhi, one boy came to him and
asked for his mobile phone to make a call. When
complainant told him that there was no balance in his
phone, the boy pulled him outside from the auto and took
him near the tree behind the auto and then took out a long
knife from his waist and threatened to kill him. He snatched
his mobile phone bearing no. 9718899021. Complainant
raised alarm. The other auto drivers of nearby reached the

Crl.A.14/2016 Page 2 of 5
spot and apprehended the boy namely Ajay @ Munna. He
was handed over alongwith knife and mobile phone to the
officials of PCR who passed through that place. On the
basis of the aforesaid statement of Rahul, case FIR no.
65/14 was registered under Section 394/411 IPC with PS
Dwarka South.”
Source: Indian Kanoon

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