Affidavit For Extention of Time To File The Income Tax Return ITR

Below is the sample/format of the Affidavit For Extension of Time To File The Income Tax Return ITR to be filed before the income tax officer (ITO). This affidavit should be filed accompanying the application. you can also find the sample affidavit for stay of disputed sale tax. In this series of free sample of affidavits by My Legal Advisor you can download the PDF formats also.


In the matter of  ___(NAME YOUR COMPANY/Individual)___________.

Affidavit of Mr/Mrs ____________ S/o_____________, D/o/W/o _______________, aged about __ year’s having office at_______________ R/o __________________ on behalf of M/s_______________________.

I, _________, aged about ……………………… years s/o, W/o, D/o Shri………………… resident of …………solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1. That the deponent is the managing Director/chairman/authorised representative/  of the company and hence is fully conversant of the facts deposed below.

2. That the deponent was required to file the income tax return of the Company/individual by _____mention date _____.

3. That the deponent is in receipt of a notice under sub section (___) of Section ______, requiring to file the income tax return of the company by ____ June , ______.

4. That although the Company’s accounts have been closed on 31st March, __Mention year___ and have been given to the chartered accountant for audit purposes within the reasonable time.

5. That since audit work was not complete, the deponent applied for extension of time upto 31st July, ____ on prescribed form No. _____mention form no.______. A photo copy of the same is enclosed as Annexure ‘A-1’.

6. That the deponent has not received any intimation from the Income tax Officer till 31st July, ____ , and the deponent appeared on the said date before the said Officer and requested the extension of time for filling the income tax return and passing appropriate order to the same effect.

7. That the deponent has filed the return of his company of ____mention date of filling ____ in accordance of the order of the income tax Officer.



Verified on this _____________ day of ___________2015 that the contents the above affidavit are true and correct to my knowledge and nothing material has been concealed therefrom and no part of it is false.


Kindly note that this is just a sample/format and in no way it should be filed as it is. Kindly consult a lawyer in your area to draft the and file the same.

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