Wilson Mathew vs The State Nct Of Delhi & Anr. on 15 September, 2015

1. Wilson Mathew stood convicted under Section 138 of the
Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 (for short ‘NI Act’) by judgment dated
02.06.2014 passed by the learned Metropolitan Magistrate (South)-01, NI
Act, South Courts, New Delhi, in CC No.958/1. By order dated
24.06.2014 passed by the Trial Court, the petitioner was sentenced to 4
months Simple Imprisonment and was directed to pay a compensation of
Rs.3,08,100/-; Rs.2,05,400/-; Rs. 2,56,750/-; Rs.1,54,050/- respectively
against the cheques in question along with interest of 9% p.a. within one

month to the complainant (respondent no.2). It was stipulated that in
default, the petitioner would further suffer sentence of Simple
Imprisonment of 3 months.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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