I,………………..hereby revoke all testamentary instruments heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will. I appoint………… and………… (hereinafter called my trustees), to be the executors and trustees of this my Will and guardians of my infant children. I bequeath to my wife…………… all the furniture and effects in and about my usual place of residence at my death, except moneys and securities for money. I bequeath to my said wife Rs……….., to be paid to her within one month after my death. I bequeath to each of my Trustees who shall prove this my Will Rs……… and I Declare that the several specific and pecuniary legacies bequeathed by this, my Will, shall be delivered and paid to and taken by the respective legatees free from probate duty. I Devise and bequeath all my estate of whatever description, not hereby otherwise disposed of, unto my Trustees upon trust that they shall sell, call in and collect the same and shall out of the monies arising thereby and all other moneys forming part of my estate, pay my funeral and testamentary expenses (including the probate duty payable on my death in respect of my estate) and debts and the legacies other than specific legacies hereby bequeathed and the probate duty or legacies bequeathed free of duty: And shall invest the residue of the said moneys in any of the investments authorized by law for the investment of trust monies; and may vary such investments at discretion; and shall pay the income of the said monies and investments to my said wife during her life, and after her death shall hold the same and the income thereof in trust for all my children or any of my child who, being sons or a son, attain the age of eighteen years, or, being daughters, or a daughter, attain that age or marry, and if more than one in equal shares:
Provided that my trustees may after the death of my said wife or previously thereto with her consent in writing raise any part or parts not exceeding one-half of the then expectant, presumptive or vested share of any child and apply the same for his or her education, advancement or benefit; and if there shall be no child of mine living at my death, who being a son attains the age of eighteen years, or being a daughter attains that age or marries, then, from and after the death of my said wife, and on such default or failure of children, the same monies and investments and the income thereof, or so much thereof respectively as shall not have become vested or been applied under any of the trusts and powers herein contained, shall be held in trust for such of my heirs who shall then be entitled to inherit my estate according to my personal law if I had died intestate.

In witness, & c.

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