Wep Solutions Limited vs Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. on 10 June, 2016

2. The petitioner is a company engaged in the business of offering
printing solutions for large projects and has the requisite specialized skills
and experience for handling large-scale projects.
3. The respondent is the successor in interest of the company which was
known as CMC Ltd and was combined and amalgamated with Tata
Consultancy Services Ltd, thereby merging to form one legal entity. By
virtue of the said amalgamation, all contractual rights and obligations of
CMC Ltd are now vested in and binding on the present respondent. This
amalgamation was sanctioned and permitted by the Bombay High Court in

OMP(I)(COMM) No.263/2016 Page 1 of 5
Company Scheme Petition No. 421/2015, vide order dated 14th August 2015.
The respondent company has expertise in Information Technology (“IT”)
and IT enabled services, and has been commissioned by the Government of
India for establishing and running Passport Seva Kendras, who has in
establishing these Kendras outsourced some of the services.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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