Virender Pandey vs State (Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi) on 26 July, 2018

1. Petitioner seeks anticipatory bail in FIR No.467/2017 under Sections
419/468/471/120B/34 of the IPC at Police Station Geeta Colony.

2. Allegations against the petitioner in the FIR are that the petitioner is
alleged to have told the complainant, subsequent to a raid by BSES officials
that he would be in a position to have the matter settled with the BSES
team. Thereafter the complainant is allegedly been approached by one
Pankaj Dhawan who is alleged to have called up the petitioner over phone
and made the petitioner speak to the complainant and petitioner is alleged
to have who confirmed that the said Pankaj Dhawan was an employee of

BAIL APPLN. 43/2018 Page 1 of 2

Source: Indian Kanoon

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