Vipin Kaushik @ Vicky & Ors. vs The State Nct Of Delhi on 5 July, 2018

CRL.REV.P.717/2017 Page 1 of 8
2. Petitioner no.1 is the husband of the deceased, petitioner no.2 is
the wife of the elder brother of petitioner no.1 and petitioner no.3 is
the mother of the petitioner (mother-in-law of the deceased).

3. On 04.07.2018, learned counsel for the petitioner withdrew the
petition in so far as petitioner no.1 and 2 are concerned and restricted
the same to petitioner no.3 i.e. the mother-in-law.

4. The subject FIR No. 58/2016 was registered under Section
498A/304B/34 IPC P.S.Gandhi Nagar on the complaint of the father
of the deceased who has contended that his daughter was married to
petitioner no. 1/the son of the petitioner no.3. He received information
that his daughter had locked herself in a room and was not opening
the door. When he along with his brother and neighbours reached her
house the door was closed from inside. When they opened the door,
they found that his daughter had committed suicide.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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