Vikas Bhaskar vs University Of Delhi And Anr. on 11 May, 2018

1. The Petitioners, who are third-year students studying in the 6th
semester of the LLB course of Faculty of Law, University of Delhi,
have filed the present batch of writ petitions inter alia seeking a
direction to the University of Delhi to withdraw its notice dated
09.10.2017 (hereinafter referred to as the “Impugned Notice”) insofar
as it applies retrospectively to students who had taken admission prior
to the academic year 2017-2018. The Petitioners have also sought a
direction to the University of Delhi to permit them to take the
supplementary examinations in respect of the subject-papers of 1st to 4th
semesters, as the case may be, in the months of June/July 2018.
2. Since the present petitions raise common issues, for the sake of
brevity, only the facts of W.P.(C) No. 3137/2018 are being referred to

Source: Indian Kanoon

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