Vijay Kumar Tiwari vs Lt. Governor & Ors. on 7 September, 2015

1. Charged with the allegation of beating Satnam Singh with an iron
pipe, catching him with his hair, pulling him from the chair and then beating
him with hands and feet besides abusing in filthy language, Vijay Kumar
Tiwari the appellant herein faced an enquiry resulting into an order of
removal from service as Assistant Fitter dated September 12, 1989 however
subject to approval under Section 33(2)(b) of the I.D. Act. Vide the order
dated February 06, 1996 the Labour Court held enquiry to be vitiated as no
evidence was led on the issue of validity of the enquiry and dismissed the
application on February 14, 1997 declining approval for the reason that the
management did not adduce evidence to establish alleged misconduct.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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