Vijay Bhushan Arora vs Dipak Arora & Ors on 15 December, 2015

1. The plaintiff has filed the suit for mandatory and perpetual
injunctions and for recovery of the sum of Rs.42,75,000/- along with
pendent lite and future interest.
2. By way of this order, I propose to decide the pending application
under Order XII Rule 6 filed by the plaintiff on the basis of the
admissions made by the defendant Nos.1 and 2 in
their written statement and other documents i.e. Agreement and
Memorandum of Understanding executed between the
3. The plaintiff is the eldest brother of the defendant Nos.1 and 3
and the defendant No.2 is the wife of defendant No.1, who is the
youngest brother of the plaintiff. No relief is being sought against
defendant No.3 and he is being impleaded only as a proforma

Source: Indian Kanoon

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