Video recording of the court proceeding, permitted

Calcutta High Court: On
persistent plea made by advocate Deepak Khosla (who was subjected to constant heckling
and abuses inside the court room) for video recording of the proceedings of the
court to keep a record of incontrovertible evidence of conduct of the counsels,
a bench of Aniruddha Bose J gave a significant order of one of its kind by
allowing the setting up of camera and microphone inside the court room for
greater transparency in the judiciary and court proceedings.

The Court stated that the prayer of Mr.
Khosla for video recording of the proceeding is permitted in the instant case
because no objection was raised regarding the same from the learned Advocates
appearing for the different parties. The Court noted that the record of the
proceedings in the present case shall not form part of the official records of
the Court, as there is no Rule as yet framed to permit video recording of the
proceedings before the Court. The Court further made clear that the recordings would only be for the purpose
of assistance of this Court, like noting of submissions of the parties in
course of hearing and such recording shall not be made available to any of the
parties or outsiders unless otherwise directed by this Court. The Court added
that “this Court shall have the power and authority to make necessary editing
of the recorded version, removing any part therefrom which this Court considers
it necessary to avoid any scandalous or undesirable or irrelevant matter to remain
on record”. [Angelo Bros Ltd. (In
liquidation) v. Official Liquidator, High Court, Calcutta, , decided
on 15.07.2015]
Source: Legal news India