Vega Auto Accessories (P) Ltd. vs S.K. Jain Bros. Helmet (I) Pvt. … on 1 June, 2018

2. The suit was entertained and summons/notice of the application
for interim relief ordered to be issued, though no ex-parte injunction

3. The counsel for the defendant appeared on 12th December, 2017
and stated that he did not know anything about the case and sought
adjournment. It having been made clear while issuing summons/notice,
that the application for interim relief shall be heard on the date for which
the summons/notice were issued, on 12th December, 2017, while
granting time to the defendant to file written statement/reply, the

CS(COMM)837/2017 Page 1 of 17
defendant and its dealers and agents were restrained from making,
selling, offering for sale, advertising and directly or indirectly dealing in
helmets amounting to infringement of plaintiff‟s registered design
No.264763 dated 13th August, 2014 (incorrectly stated in the plaint as
13th August, 2013) and particularly the helmets under the mark
„POWER‟ and as depicted in paragraph 22 of the plaint.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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