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Vaibhav Sharma vs Air India Limited & Ors. on 15 April, 2020

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2. At the outset, it needs to be noted that the petitioner has given no
W.P.(C) 2964/2020 Page 1 of 10
particulars of his educational qualification or occupation or of any
background of having worked in the field of Public Interest Litigation or
social welfare in the past. It is also to be noted that in para 2 of the petition,
it is clearly stated that the petition is based on information received through
media reports, publicly available in print media and considering the grave
urgency and immense paucity of time the information could not be
confirmed from the concerned offices by way of authenticated replies.
3. The present petition has been filed seeking appropriate directions to
the respondents to provide proper PPE kits (Personal Protective Equipment)
to the pilots and the other cabin crew members on board the flights which
are operating between India and foreign countries, carrying foreign nationals
to their respective home countries. It is alleged that even if the PPE kits are
being issued, the same are not enough for the entire crew and many a times
are oversized, in contradiction to the safety and security guidelines. The
other issue raised in the petition is that the pilots and the other crew
members on these flights, on return, should be quarantined in some hotels,
near the airport, instead of home quarantine, where there is a risk of
infection to their family members and also leads to serious ostracization of
these members.

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