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V.K Bhatnagar vs Canara Bank & Anr on 20 June, 2017

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1. The instant case reflects an extremely sorry state of affairs
with regard to the manner in which the Canara Bank has conducted
itself. We first set out the factual matrix, to the extent necessary,
and as is discernible from the documentation of the Canara Bank-
respondent no.1 before us.
2. This writ petition has been filed by V.K. Bhatnagar, s/o Dr.
Chander Bhan Bhatnagar a permanent resident of H-26/2, Sainik

WP (C) No.10210/2016 page 1 of 17
Farm, Ward Deoli, Delhi-110062. The writ petitioner claims to be
the owner in possession of this sole residential property.
3. We note the essential facts giving rise to this writ petition
hereafter. A branch of the Canara Bank situated at 4, Sapru Marg,
Lucknow, U.P. appears to have extended financial facilities to the
following, either as principal debtors, or, as guarantors thereof :

Source: Indian Kanoon

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