Uttar Pradesh State Roadways … vs R.K. Sachdeva & Ors. on 23 December, 2016

2. The accident dated 04th May, 2003 resulted in the death of
Suruchi. The deceased aged 18 years at the time of the accident, was a
student of 12th standard and had appeared in medical entrance test.
The deceased was survived by her father who filed the claim petition.
The Claims Tribunal took the notional income of the deceased as
Rs.3,000/- per month , deducted 1/3rd towards personal expenses and
applied the multiplier of 13 according the age of father to compute the
loss of dependency as Rs.3,12,000/-. The Claims Tribunal awarded
Rs.10,000/- towards transportation of dead body, Rs.10,000/- towards
loss of estate and Rs.10,000/- towards funeral expenses. Total
compensation awarded is Rs.3,42,000/- along with interest @ 7.5%
per annum.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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