Union Of India vs Tilak Raj Singh on 1 June, 2018

1. The journey from Meerut to Ludhiana undertaken by the Plaintiff has
proved to be a very long one. An unfortunate incident that occurred on 20th
October, 1987 i.e. three decades ago is the subject matter of the present
appeal. It has been over 30 years and the Plaintiff has been running from
pillar to post, seeking compensation, after having had his left leg amputated
in a train accident.
2. The Respondent/Plaintiff, Mr. Tilak Raj Singh (hereinafter „Plaintiff‟)
boarded a II general class compartment of the Frontier Mail from Meerut
Cantt. to Ludhiana (hereinafter, „train‟). When the train reached
Muzaffarnagar, about 5 or 6 bogies (viz., compartments) of the train did not
reach up, till the platform. At the Muzaffarnagar station, the Plaintiff, who
was standing at the right hand exit with other passengers, had to give way
and alight from the compartment in order to enable ingress and egress of

RFA 245/2017 Page 1 of 26
passengers. While the passengers were alighting from the train, suddenly the
train moved and the Plaintiff and the other passengers, who were on the
platform, tried to board the train. Due to the sudden and jerky movement of
the train, the Plaintiff along with other passengers fell and he got entangled
between the wheels of the train and was dragged for a long distance. No first
aid was given to the Plaintiff, who was sent to the civil hospital in
Muzaffarnagar on a rickshaw. Due to loss of blood and inadequate facilities
there, he developed an infection and was, thereafter shifted to Safdarjung
hospital. The condition of the Plaintiff became extremely critical and he was
operated upon thrice at Safdarjung hospital. The infection continued to
persist and finally he got his fifth operation done from an orthopaedic
surgeon in a nursing home at Meerut. The Plaintiff’s left leg had to be
amputated. The Plaintiff was severely injured due to the accident. He had to
give up sports and though he was a law student studying at Meerut, he could
not pursue his studies.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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