Union Of India & Anr. vs Kishan Chand Saini (Since … on 1 June, 2018

2. The facts giving rise to file the present writ petition are that the
respondent Kishan Chand Saini (since deceased) was working
as Gateman at Gate No.60B, under Station Superintendent,
WP (C) 5507/2007 Page 1 of 16
Railway Station, Rohtak, with effect from 21.08.1977. He filed
an application under Section 33C(2) of the ID Act before
POCGIT claiming over-time wages for the period from
21.08.1977 to 11.12.1995 on the ground that he had to work
there 12 hours a day with one weekly break. He claimed to
have worked four hours more a day during the said period but
was not paid over-time wages for the work done beyond the 8
hours of duty. He sent a demand notice to the petitioners by
registered post on 16.12.1995 claiming over-time wages but of
no avail. He made a representation to the Assistant Labour
Commissioner (Central), Rohtak but that effort also failed.
Ultimately, he filed an application under Section 33C(2)
claiming Rs.5,01,886/- as over-time wages for the said period
along with interest.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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