Union Minister for Roads, Transport and Highways promises e – rickshaw licenses “within a month”

The way has been cleared on Delhi’s road for the e – rickshaws. Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Roads, Transport and Highways promised that the licensing issue would also be handled within a month.

The Delhi High Court has banned e – rickshaws from running on Delhi roads on July 31 raising safety concerns, following an accident by an e – rickshaw with on the spot death of an infant.

In a notification dated October 8, 2014 the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways made an amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rule (1989) to accommodate e – rickshaws and address the safety concerns of the court.

Gadkari said,”Just the issue of licences remains. But we will sort it out within a month by making changes in the law. This will benefit the majority of SC, ST, OBC members and the minority communities who make a living by pulling the weight of other men — nothing short of exploitation. Loans up to 4 per cent will be given to buy e-rickshaws. I have spoken to the Minister for Minority Affairs too.”

Furthermore, he made it very clear that the driver of the vehicle only will be the owner of the vehicle and no sub – contracting will be allowed.

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    In other states like Haryana Karnataka New delhi & Registration having law to allow companies to run this service Like M Taxi , Hay Bob , baxi OLA & ubermoto & series is HR 55 W 3919 / 7500 / 7341 / 6601 et. In Gurgaon

    Currently Madhya Pradesh Gov. Adopt (Rent a motorcycle scheme 1997) in this scheme we can rent out our Bikes to needed person by taking day or Hourly rent .
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