Union Government to move SC for review of Rajiv gandhi assassination case Tamil nadu

NEW DELHI: The Union government has decided to urgently move the Supreme Court of India for review of its judgment wherein the SC has commuted the death penalty of three Rajiv Gandhi assassination case convicts to life term and, also, challenge the Jayalalithaa government’s decision to release all life convicts in the same case.

This swift move of the union will prevent the Jayalalitha government from following through on her announcement and release the LTTE terrorists convicted for killing the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. The state government has said it will go ahead with its decision if it does not hear from the Centre within the next three days.

The Centre was yet to receive a formal communication as required under Section 435 of Criminal Procedure Code from the TN government to remit the sentences by exercise of the power it enjoys under Sections 432 and 433 of the CrPC and the promptness should ensure that the plea reaches the Supreme Court before Jayalalithaa’s three-day deadline expires.

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