Umesh vs State on 18 May, 2016

2. The conviction of the appellant has been returned by the learned
Trial Judge with reference to the testimony of Jagbir PW-1, found to be
corroborated by the testimony of Jai Singh PW-2, Nand Kishore PW-4 and
Leelu PW-5; as also on the reasoning that a khukri got recovered by the
appellant being not sent to the doctor for opinion was irrelevant because
the khukri was not the main weapon of offence. A reasoning which baffles
us because the post-mortem report of the deceased shows that all the
lacerated wounds could have been caused only by a blunt edged object,
such as a palta (an implement used by confectioners to fry food stuffs in

Crl.A.No.862/2001 Page 1 of 4
deep containers), which appears to have been used as a handy object in the
commission of the crime because the place where the deceased Umesh was
brutally assaulted happens to be the shop where Umesh was carrying on
business as a confectioner.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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