The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly passed Bill to extend reservation to Economically Backward Classes

Rajasthan Legislative
Assembly passed the Rajasthan Economically Backward Classes (Reservation of
Seats in Educational Institutions in the State and of Appointments and Posts in
Services under the State) Bill, 2015 on 22nd September 2015. The
Bill provides for 14% reservation of seats in educational institutions in the
State and of appointment and posts in the services under the State in favour of
the Economically Backward Classes. The Bill defines Economically Backward
Classes as the classes consisting of persons not included in any other category
of reservation, declared as such by the State Government, by notification in
the Official Gazette. The Bill provides that in matters of promotion the
reservation shall be only for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. 

The statement of object
and reasons of the Bill mentions that there was a long standing demand from the
poorest classes of the unreserved categories that due to their economic
weakness they are unable to compete with the other affluent classes as a result
of which they are gradually becoming socially and educationally backward. In
view of their demand, a Commission was appointed to identify and examine the
requirements of the economically backward classes of people of general
categories not covered by the existing reservation available to the Scheduled
Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. The Commission recommended the
extension of the benefit of reservation to these classes of persons. It is thus
that the Rajasthan Government is of the view that for the educational and
economic advancement of the majority of the people of the State and to ensure
the justice and equality as enshrined in the Constitution, it is necessary to
continue the existing policy of reservation and to extend the benefit of
reservation to Economically Backward Classes.

On the same day the
Rajasthan Legislative Assembly also passed the Rajasthan Special Backward
Classes (Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions in the State and of
Appointments and Posts in Services under State) Bill, 2015. The State Assembly
also passed resolutions requesting the State Government to make efforts to get
both the Bills included in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution.      
Source: Legal news India