The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. vs Satyanarayana Reddy S & Anr. on 3 September, 2015

plaintiff-firm was at Rajkot. Ordinarily, the residence of a company would be
where registered office is [See Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund v. Kartick Das,
49. The expression ‘carries on business’ and the expression ‘personally works
for gain’ connotes two different meanings. For the purpose of carrying on
business only presence of a man at a place is not necessary. Such business
may be carried at a place through an agent or a manager or through a servant.
The owner may not event visit that place. The phrase ‘carries on business” at
a certain place would, therefore, mean having an interest in a business at that
place, a voice in what is done, a share in the gain or loss and some control
there over. The expression is much wider than what the expression in normal
parlance connotes, because of the ambit of a civil action within the meaning
of section 9 of the Code. But it is necessary that the following three
conditions should be satisfied, namely:-

Source: Indian Kanoon

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