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Telefonaktiebolaget L.M … vs Lava International Limited on 9 December, 2015

1. The plaintiff has filed the suit for permanent injunction against
the defendant seeking inter alia to restrain violation and infringement
of its rights in its 8 patents along with damages, rendition of accounts,
delivery up etc. in the month of March, 2015. The defendant appeared
before Court on the first date itself. Time to file the written statement
was granted for four weeks on 26th March, 2015.
2. The written statement along with counter claim was filed by the
defendant on 28th July, 2015. However, written statement to the
counter claim was filed by the plaintiff on 5th December, 2015. In fact,
a notice in the counter claim was issued by this Court vide order dated

CS(OS) No.764/2015 Page 1 of 11
31st July, 2015 and a period of 8 weeks was given to the plaintiff to file
its written statement. From 31st August, 2015 till 29th October, 2015
both the parties were negotiating settlement, it is only on 3rd
November, 2015 the plaintiff informed the Court that both the parties
have not been able to resolve the matter and the matter can proceed
on merits. Thereafter, this Court directed the plaintiff to file its written
statement before the next date of hearing and the matter was re-
notified for 18th November, 2015. However, on 18th November, 2015
counsel for both the parties mentioned the matter and the same was
re-notified for 7th December, 2015 (the plaintiff has filed its replication
cum written statement on 5th December, 2015).

Source: Indian Kanoon