Tanisha Rani Sharma vs State (The Nct Of Delhi) on 3 August, 2016

1. The applicant has preferred the present bail application u/s 438 Cr PC
apprehending arrest in case FIR No.229/2015 registered at PS Parliament
Street u/s 419/410/120B IPC. A similar bail application moved by the
applicant before the learned ASJ, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi has been
dismissed on 05.12.2015.

Bail Appln. 2702/2015 Page 1 of 19
2. The aforesaid case arises on the complaint of the complainant Ms.
Indu Shukla. The case of the complainant is that in the month of October
2012, one Anil Kumar Bhadoria known to the family of the complainant
(who is also one of the accused), came to her along with one K.K. Sharma –
also co-accused. The said persons induced and allured the complainant that
the wife of K.K. Sharma, namely, Tanisha Rani Sharma – the applicant/
accused is the daughter of a Minister of Uttarakhand and belongs to a royal
family having good links with various ministers. The complainant was
allured that if she arranges Rs.1 crore, she would be made a Director in the
Food Corporation of India (FCI). She was allured that when she becomes a
Director, she would get a salary of about Rs.1 lakh, apart from a vehicle
with red beacon and an accommodation to live in Delhi. The complainant
stated that she fell into the trap laid by the accused, and made payments –
and even supplied household goods, to the accused from time to time, details
whereof have been set out in her complaint/FIR.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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