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Sushil Kumar @ Guddu vs State on 28 June, 2017

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2. Briefly put, the case of the prosecution is that on the intervening
night of 6/7.10.1989 an information was received by the Duty Officer

Crl. A. 656/2000 Page 1 of 19
in the PS that a quarrel had taken place in Gian Park, Chander Nagar
and injured Vivek (deceased) had been admitted in GTB Hospital by
his mother Smt. Chandrakanta. This information was recorded by DD
No.24A however another DD No.20A was recorded on the basis of
which SI Chander Shekhar (PW-2) proceeded towards the place of
incident. The deceased was declared „Brought Dead‟ as recorded in
the MLC No. 2981/89. Statement of eyewitness Vineet (PW-6) who
is the brother of the deceased was recorded in GTB Hospital. Vineet
informed that on the previous night he along with his deceased
brother, Pradeep (PW-9) and Suresh (PW-18) had gone to see Ram
Lila in Gian Park where his brother Vivek sought permission from
Sushil @ Guddu (appellant), Manoj @ Balli and Salim to allow one
of his friends to participate in the dance which was played on the
Stage. The appellant and his friends objected to this request and a
verbal altercation took place between the two groups.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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