Surinder Kumar Beri & Anr. vs Deepak Beri & Anr. on 31 May, 2018

2. OMP (COMM) 382/2016 is filed by the father, namely, Sh. S.K. Beri.
The facts of the said case are stated herein. Petitioner No. 1 who is 82 years
old is said to be the founder of various business entities. Petitioner No.2 is
the wife of petitioner No.1. The petitioners submit that they hold a large
stake in the entities which are subject matter of the arbitration proceedings.
It is stated by petitioner No. 1 that he has been involved in the business of
manufacturing and trading of knives and other cutting tools since 1952. His
two sons, namely, Sh. Deepak Beri, respondent No. 1 and Sh. Atul Beri,
respondent No. 2 have also joined the petitioner in his business. Initially the
business was managed through a partnership firm by the name S.K. Beri &
Brothers (―SKB‖). Currently, petitioner No. 1 has 50% share and the two
sons are partners with 25% share each in the said firm. Thereafter, other
entities have been created for the purpose of running the business including
DB Engineering Pvt. Ltd., S.K.Beri & Brothers, Benaras Marbles &
Granites Ltd., D.B.Engineering Company(partnership firm). Bulk of the
business is being run through D.B.Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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