Surinder Kaur vs Ram Narula & Ors on 4 January, 2016

1. The appellant Surinder Kaur filed a suit being CS(OS) 651/2009 for
declaration, partition, injunction, rendition of accounts in respect of the
estate of late Smt.Jasbir Kaur. Mrs.Jasbir Kaur died leaving behind one son
Jai Singh defendant No.2 and six daughters including the plaintiff Surinder
Kaur. The other 5 daughters Sukhvinder Pal Kaur, Simrat Kaur, Rajinder
Pal Kaur and Harsharon Kaur were impleaded as D-3, D-4, D-5 and D-6.
The sixth daughter Smt.Avninder Kaur has since passed away, thus her legal
heirs were impleaded as defendant No.7 to 17. Son of defendant No.2 i.e.
Ram Narula was also impleaded as defendant No.1. Surinder Kaur claimed
that Ajit Singh her father died in the year 1975 leaving behind assets,
immovable and movable properties. Vide his Will he bequeathed half of his
estate to defendant No.2 his son and other half to Smt.Jasbir Kaur his wife
with the declared understanding that Jasbir Kaur would make a bequest in
favour of her six daughters. Thus, Jai Singh who was living in Bangkok got
properties and assets located at Bangkok whereas Smt.Jasbir Kaur who was
living in Delhi got immovable properties at Delhi besides agriculture land in
village Amritsar, District Sirsa etc. Smt.Jasbir Kaur made a Will dated
November 03, 1989 bequeathing her estate to her six daughters and her son
in following manner:

Source: Indian Kanoon

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