Suresh Garodia vs Om Parkash on 24 July, 2018

2. The said decree was not executable within the jurisdiction of the
Ld.Civil Judge (Sr. Division) No.3, Guwahati, hence on an application by
the decree holder the learned Court had passed orders under Order XXI
Rule 6 CPC and issued a certificate of non-satisfaction of decree and a
letter- transmitting decree for execution addressed to Delhi Courts
alongwith original execution application No.M–Ex.17/2001, certified
copy of the money decree and the judgment.

Ex.P. No.267/2001 Page 1 of 5
3. Inadvertently the learned Civil Judge, (Sr. Division) No.3 of
Guwahati, Assam addressed the same to City Civil Judge, New Delhi,
whereas the original jurisdiction of the decretal amount lies with this

Source: Indian Kanoon

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