Surab Parkash @ Chikka vs State Nct Of Delhi on 2 June, 2016

2. It all commenced when Amit Kumar PW-13, carrying on business of
manufacturing surgical goods in partnership with Dharmender Dabas PW-
11, was sleeping in the office at his factory in Kanjhawala and his sleep was
broken when Sunil Sehrawat PW-9 came to his office with blood profusely
oozing from the right side of his chest and an injury on his head. He
informed him that Rakesh Rohidiya had fired at him. Amit Kumar rang up
the police control room using a mobile phone having No.9212074240 and
the police control room in turn passed on the information to PS Kanjhawala
where the duty officer SI Ashwani Kumar recorded DD No.3A, Ex.PW-
5/A, that a coach in a gym had been shot at Udai Vihar, Kanjhawala.
Investigation was marked to ASI Narender Singh PW-20, who accompanied
by Ct.Naresh Kumar PW-19 reached the spot and learnt that the injured had
been removed to the hospital in a PCR van. Ct.Satish PW-17 was also

Crl.A.Nos.157/2015 & 236/2015 Page 2 of 21
directed to proceed to the spot and on reaching there he met ASI Narender
Singh and Ct.Naresh Kumar.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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