Sunir Khurana vs Appointments Committee Of The on 17 July, 2015

CM No.12399/2015 (Exemption)
Allowed, subject to all just exceptions.
CM No.12398/2015 (Delay in filing)
1. For the reasons stated in the application 37 days delay in filing the
appeal is condoned.
2. Application is disposed of.
LPA 448/2015
1. The Appellant initially appointed as Assistant Divisional Manager
with MMTC the year 1980 and rose to the post of Chief General
Manager in the same organisation in the year 2005. He was selected for
appointment as Director (Marketing) in MMTC Ltd.for an initial tenure for
five years extendable for further period, till he attains the age of

superannuation vide the appointment letter dated May 07, 2007. He was
also permitted to retain lien on his previous post of Chief General Manager
for a period of five years co-terminus with his initial tenure as Director

Source: Indian Kanoon

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