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Sunil Sikri vs The Management Committee Of Guru … on 29 September, 2015

CM 14834/2015
By this application the appellant seeks continuation of the interim
order passed on March 23, 2015. Since arguments in the appeal have been
heard and reserved for judgment, application is dismissed as infructuous.
CM 13909/2015
Learned counsel for the appellant does not press the application, the
same is dismissed as not pressed.
LPA 46/2015
1. A chequered history of litigation between the appellant and the
respondent before all forums right from the Education Tribunal to the
various Benches of this Court including the full Bench; this is the third
round of litigation between the parties. It all relates back to an alleged
incident of January 22, 1994 regarding a complaint from a colleague of the
appellant alleging molestation, which fact and complaint is disputed by the
appellant, however undisputedly the appellant submitted his resignation on
January 22, 1994 and he was issued a memo on the same day by the
Principal of the respondent/ School relieving him from his duties as PGT
Chemistry. On a second thought on January 23, 1994 i.e. the appellant
withdrew his resignation dated January 22, 1994 telegraphically followed by
a letter dated January 31, 1994. Aggrieved by the acceptance of the
resignation before the expiry of period of three months from the date of
tendering resignation contending that the relieving order amounts to
termination, appellant preferred an appeal before the Delhi School Tribunal
(in short the Tribunal).

Source: Indian Kanoon