Sun Broadcast Equipment Pvt Ltd vs Prasar Bharati & Anr on 1 October, 2015


W.P.(C) 7896/2014 & CM Nos.18501/2014(stay), 4843/2015 (on b/o. R-2
for deletion of name), 10002/2015(stay)

1. This petition has been filed by the petitioner impugning order
dated 08.08.2014 passed by the respondent No.1 informing the

bidders including the petitioner that the subject tender has been
cancelled for administrative reasons.
2. The respondent No.1 had issued Notice Inviting Tender for
supply of 3 Chip CCD Multi Format EPF Digital Chain for
Studio/OB/EFF Applications vide tender No. 8(5) 2013-14 E1(P)TV
dated 26.08.2013. The Petitioner including certain other bidders
submitted their bids. The subject tender has been cancelled by the
Respondents No. 1 by communication dated 08.08.2014 on
administrative grounds.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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