Subodh vs State on 3 June, 2016

1. It is stated that human lust knows no bounds-if there is any truth in

it, the present case is a glaring example of such lust. In the present case a

tiny tot aged about 2-1/2 years has become a victim of the lust of the

appellant resulting in his conviction under sections

376(2)(f)/363/186/332/353 IPC in Sessions Case No. 85/2011 arising out

of FIR No.29/10 PS Govind Puri and sentenced to undergo various

prison terms.

2. Succinctly stated, the case of the prosecution is as follows:

Briefly stated, the prosecution case as reflected in the charge-

sheet is that on 01.02.2010 at about 08.00 P.M. the appellant after

kidnapping the prosecutrix ‘X’ (assumed name), a minor child, aged

about 2 years sexually assaulted her. Police machinery came into motion

Crl. Appeal No.1584/2013 Page 1 of 15
when information about the incident was recorded vide Daily Diary

(DD) No.20A at PS Govind Puri. The investigation was assigned to SI

Ashok Giri who went to the spot. First Information was lodged on the

statement of victim’s mother – Ruby. She disclosed as to how and under

what circumstances, ‘X’, her daughter was sexually assaulted by the

appellant. During investigation, statements of the witnesses conversant

with the facts were recorded. ‘X’ was medically examined. Accused was

arrested. While apprehending the accused, he had hit HC Jagat Singh

(PW7) by means of an iron rod due to which he suffered injuries.

Medical examination of accused was also conducted. The exhibits were

sent to Forensic Science Laboratory for examination. After completion

of investigation, a charge-sheet was filed against him in the Court.

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