Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

Strict adherence to the time schedule is mandatory for application for approval of academic courses/affiliation

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Delhi High Court: Dismissing
a writ petition, the Delhi High Court reiterated that applications to the
Medical Council of India (MCI), inter alia,
for approval of new courses and increase of seats are liable to be dismissed if
they are filed after the cut-off date. The High Court followed the decision of the
Supreme Court in Educare Charitable
Trust  v. Union of India, (2013) 16
SCC 474, that hat  in 
the  given  circumstances (where application is filed
after the cut-off date)  mandamus  could not be issued to the Government   to
exercise its discretionary  powers  in 
a  particular  manner 
to  modify  the  time-schedule.   Sanctity  
to   the   time-schedule   has  
to   be attached.

The Court had further held that directions for
consideration of applications which were incomplete on the cut-off date would
result in granting benefit to some institutes, while similarly situated other
institutes would be denied such benefit. [U.P. Rural Institute of Medical Science &
Research v. Union of India, decided on 13th July, 2015]

Source: Legal news India

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