State vs Hari Prashad on 10 February, 2016

1. What happened sometimes past midnight, and most probably the time
would be around 02:00 hrs of June 01, 1993 i.e. the night of May 31, 1993
and June 01, 1993 at the house of Hari Prashad has been described by Jaidev
Sharma PW-5. Being the immediate neighbour, Jaidev’s sleep was
disturbed by the shrieks of Pushpa. Rising from the slumber and rubbing his
eyes, he saw smoke emitting from Hari Prashad’s house and this was
obviously a summons for rescue. Awaking his wife, he rushed to Hari
Prashad’s house and saw Pushpa in a burnt condition in the varandah with
Hari Prashad trying to extinguish the flames by pouring water on Pushpa’s
body. Thereafter Hari Prashad wrapped Pushpa in a sheet and rushed her to
the hospital.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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