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State Thr. Cbi vs Shobha Chhabra on 10 December, 2015

1. By way of the present appeal filed under Section 378(2)
read with Section 378(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
(‘Cr.P.C.’), appellant/CBI seeks setting aside of order of acquittal
dated 10.01.2003 passed by the learned Special Judge, Delhi, in
case bearing RC84(A)/95-DLI.
2. Ms.Rajdipa Behura, learned senior standing counsel
appearing on behalf of the appellant/CBI contended that
Naimuddin/complainant (PW1) having supported the prosecution
case and his evidence having been corroborated by the evidence
of Banwari Lal Sharma/ independent witness (PW3),

Crl.A.Nos.573/2004 Page 1 of 29
Inderjeit/shadow witness (PW4) and (PW7) Inspector S.R. Singh/
Trap Laying Officer(TLO) there being ample material evidence
in proof of the prosecution case, however, the learned Special
Judge had committed error and illegality in acquitting the

Source: Indian Kanoon