State (Govt. Of Nct Of Delhi) vs Mohd. Iqbal & Anr. on 21 March, 2016

2. Briefly stated, the prosecution case as projected in the

charge-sheet was that on 17.04.2008 on the basis of a secret information
Crl.A.1179 /2013 Page 1 of 7
recorded vide Daily Diary (DD) No.7 (Ex.PW-8/A), a raiding party was

organised. At about 03.40 p.m., the respondent – Mohd Iqbal (R-1) was

apprehended and a black colour bag was recovered from his right hand.

On checking the bag, it was found containing two bundles of fake

currency notes in the denomination of `500/- each to the tune of

`1,70,000/-. It is further alleged that thereafter R-1 took the police team

to Panipat and at his instance Mohd.Furqan (R-2) was arrested and from

his possession 20 counterfeit currency notes in the denomination of `500/-

each were recovered. Necessary proceedings were conducted. Statements

of the witnesses conversant with the facts were recorded. Upon

completion of investigation, a charge-sheet was filed against both of them

in the Court for committing offences under Sections 489B & 489C IPC.

The respondents pleaded not guilty to the charges and claimed trial. In

order to establish its case, the prosecution examined 10 witnesses. In 313

Cr.P.C. statements, the respondents denied their involvement in the crime

and pleaded false implication. After considering the rival contentions of

the parties and on scrutinizing the evidence produced on record, the Trial

Court, by the impugned judgment acquitted both the respondents of the

charges. Being aggrieved and dissatisfied, the State has filed the instant


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