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2. The transferor company and the transferee company will hereafter be
collectively referred to as the petitioners.

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3. The petitioners aver that the scheme will provide for a consolidated
capital base resulting in a stronger and sustainable business, leading to
improvement in the potential of the business group. The combined resources
will lead to overall cost reduction, which will enable the petitioners to
efficiently compete in the market and strengthen the position of SIPL in the

3.1 The scheme, according to clause 5 provides for the following share
exchange ratio:
1 Equity Share of the face value of Rs. 100/- (Rupees Hundred)
each credited as fully paid up in the share capital of
Amalgamated Company for every 24 fully paid up Equity Shares
of the face value of Rs. 10/(Rupees Ten) each held in the
Amalgamating Company

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