Somerville School & Anr vs Delhi Development Authority & Ors on 20 January, 2017

W.P.(C) 408/2017 & CM Appl. 1845/2017
W.P.(C) 409/2017 & CM Appl. 1847/2017

1. When the matters had initially come up for hearing on 17 th January,
2017, this Court was inclined to pass a preliminary order. However, at the
request of learned counsel for the Government of NCT of Delhi (for short
‘GNCTD’), the matters were adjourned to 19th January, 2017 on the ground
that the respondents had engaged a senior counsel who would be available

W.P.(C) 408/2017 & W.P.(C) 409/2017 Page 2 of 26
only on the said date. Once again on 19th January, 2017, the matters were
adjourned as the learned ASG wished to peruse some judgments.
Consequently, today, the matters have been taken up for preliminary

Source: Indian Kanoon

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