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Sohan Lal vs State N.C.T. Of Delhi on 25 May, 2017

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1. Since all the three appeals have been preferred against the
common judgment and order on sentence passed, they are being
decided by this common judgment.

2. The instant appeals have been filed being aggrieved by the
judgment of conviction dated 28.02.2002 passed by the learned
Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi convicting the appellants for the
offence punishable under Section 498A/34 and Section 306/34 IPC,
and order on sentence dated 04.03.2002. All the appellants were
sentenced to undergo imprisonment under Section 498A IPC for a
period of two years each with a fine of Rs.500/- each and in default of
fine, to further undergo simple imprisonment for one month each.
Appellant Sohanlal along with appellant Rajesh were further
sentenced to undergo imprisonment under Section 306 for a period of
five years and further a fine of Rs.2,000/- each and in default further
simple imprisonment of 6 months. Appellant Rukma, with respect to
offence under Section 306 IPC, was senetenced to undergo
imprisonment for a period of two years and a fine of Rs.1,000/- and in

Crl. A. No. 239,189&651/2002 Page 2 of 10
default one month simple imprisonment.

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